Sitting in the audience on Sunday afternoon, watching a holiday show, I was suddenly surprised to find myself . . . well, sitting in the audience on a Sunday afternoon watching a holiday show. How odd, many of you are thinking. What else does this man normally do on these days?

The truth is I ddevin-monica-dsc_0206on’t usually sit for a whole open house performance. I normally get up and walk around the auditorium, my heart hoping so badly that each kid’s performance is wonderful to make him/her feel great about him/herself. I also walk around the audience, hoping each parent and/or grandparent is enjoying the performance and getting good pictures of their kids.

But yesterday was different, a first. A chair had thoughtfully been placed up front. I took a seat. The curtains were still closed. A large red sleigh rested just a few feet before me, other decorations on the side. I was getting, dare I say, excited for the performance. Finally, when the curtains opened, the high school choir regaled us with a rousing version of Christmas is Coming. From there, there was no stopping.

The holiday concert, a first for us, was a magical event. I know this because my concentration didn’t veer, whether it was the incredible ensemble performance of Pachelbel’s Canon in D or the choir’s unforgettable finale Light One Candle. And the Winter Guard? A sublime dance choreographed to Carol of the Bells, completed with beach balls and flags. And who could forget the emcees? A charming Santa Claus and Zippy, the cleverest Elf of all! This duo was the perfect complement to a perfect production.

So, in closing, I want to thank our staff, particularly Nancy Byron, Dan Whipple, Art Ortiz, and Adam Vazquez, as well as our artistic and amazing students who combined to create a show to remember. All of our performers should be proud of themselves.

Happy Holidays to All!

Sean Kelley

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  • Barbara Al-Bayati says:

    Lovely article! I think we need to have a link to Face Book from each page, althoughI was able to post it on my FB page using the URL. — Elf Zippy’s grandmother

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