Where Students Discover a Love of Learning

As we evolve as a school deeply dedicated to our mission, we are excited to concentrate our efforts towards preparing 6-12th grade students for college and beyond. As we continue building our STEAM program, as well as advancing the curriculum in general, our teachers look to challenge students with authentic, real-world issues. Our educators employ project based learning, leading students on extended journeys of inquiry that lead to problem-solving and deeper learning. On our campus, you might find a small group gathered around our 3-D printer, all eager as their designs come to life. What you are seeing is the product of countless hours the students worked together as a unit, absorbing engineering and mathematics knowledge, and just as importantly learning to be active listeners and collaborative learners.

At Eldorado Emerson teachers and students form a team, working together in a small, close-knit community that values the creative spirit and intellectual discovery. We strive to give our students the skills required for their futures by emphasizing programs in STEM, as well as arts and language communication, which we know are vital. Our well-balanced programs develop critical thinkers and creative problem solvers through extensive art and music classes. We give students the knowledge they need, but also develop their abilities to express themselves effectively.

Ultimately, we partner with our students in an atmosphere of mutual respect, guiding them towards group and individual goal attainment. We look forward to the future as we move ahead with our educational plan. We are confident that both our middle and high schools will grow and become even stronger, as we continue to serve our fantastic domestic and international populations on the marvelous campus of Eldorado Emerson School.

I invite you to visit our campus and to see how our community fosters a love of learning through creativity and collaboration, and develops graduates who are prepared to thrive in today’s world.

Sean Kelley