A Way to Change Ourselves to Envision a Better World

You will find the art studio right in the middle of campus, overlooking the “Monet Garden.” Art is the center of the school in more ways than one. The Eldorado Emerson philosophy is that the arts and technology drive learning more effectively when they are equal partners in the curriculum, working together.

Of course, almost everything we use, from cars to cell phones, were created through the work of scientists and engineers; but in the design process, artists are key players too – projects take form by direct intention. An appreciation of art is essential to the engineer as well as knowledge of technology supports the artist.

The art program at Eldorado Emerson values student curiosity and allows them to create, test and re-create. Thinking like an artist promotes a way of solving problems that encourage risk-taking and creativity. Students learn how to tolerate frustration, work through problems and become more innovative and resilient at the same time.

How do we do this? We encourage students to brainstorm solutions and adopt a playful, inventive, artistic approach. The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer. The arts program creates a positive, pressure free environment where children are encouraged to express their ideas and inner visions.