Preparing Each Individual Student for Life Beyond High School

A successful high school experience is vital, not only in shaping the student that person is, but also in preparation for the adult that individual will become. At Eldorado Emerson Private School, students are able to “Write their own story,” meaning they have limitless opportunities to learn, take leadership positions, give back to their community, and gain the skills top colleges and universities seek. Here students explore their natural curiosity for knowledge, completing a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that includes history, literature, math, science, world languages, music, the arts, and AP classes.

However, we also offer diverse exploratory electives to broaden student’s education. These consist of Introduction to Robotics; Engineering the Future: Science, Technology and the Design Process; Marine Biology; Photoshop; Vlogging; Script Writing; Yearbook; Bear Talk Newsletter; and more.

Students will find that our curriculum encourages risk-taking in a supportive environment so that this natural phase of development leads to a better sense of self. Along the way, students learn from highly skilled faculty who create a multi-faceted program designed to ensure the success of every student, both personally and academically. Our teachers help to unlock teens’ natural curiosity and excitement for learning. A high percentage of our teachers have master’s or doctoral degrees, and our small classes ensure that our staff get to know each child personally, making the children feel safe and secure as they grow on our campus.

Teenagers profoundly influence and are influenced by their classmates. Character and ethics are developing in your child at the same time that he or she begins to feel the powerful need for peer approval. In fact, peer influence becomes even more dominant than parental influence. At Eldorado Emerson, all of your child’s classmates are on a college track, both academically and personally. We offer many opportunities for students to assume leadership roles, whether scoring on our soccer field or designing for our 3-D printer. Students also gain the confidence needed for successful leadership with the support of their teachers and their classmates, as well. Here they find encouragement, helping them to gain confidence as they unite others for good causes, whether giving to those most in need or the local community at large.

While building a powerful application for college, students and parents must remember universities are more selective than ever before due to the huge applicant pool that is only increasing. Students need a strong curriculum to prepare them. Ours does just that. Guided by the State of California Curriculum Standards, we stress inquiry-based learning, rather than voluminous quantities of output and memorization. All of our high school a-g pattern courses, as well as our Honors/AP Curriculum, are UC approved.

We do not “teach to the test,” meaning we do not focus on the standardized tests given at all schools at the end of every year. Instead, Eldorado Emerson focuses on the qualitative advancement of each student; therefore, when it comes time for the SAT or the ACT, our students excel, actually remembering what they learned in class.