Thanksgiving.  A celebration of family and football, parties and parades.  And, of course, big meals that fill our bellies to the breaking point, feasts of turkey and cranberry and stuffing and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie and so many more delectable treats.  But, alas, it’s over.  However, all of the magical, mouthwatering menus got me thinking about all the fine fare, so I did a bit of research.

I found out Minnesota produces more turkeys than any other state, approximately 46 million birds a year, with the average turkey weighing approximately 15 pounds.  That’s a lot of meat.  I don’t know about you, but I saw a lot of people eating a lot of food on the big day.  Now I stuck to a fairly healthy diet this year, as the scale tells me I still have about 3 or 4 turkeys in my belly to lose.  I did read, however, that an offensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills packed on 9.4 pounds in one meal (that’s like eating nearly 40 iPhones).

Of course, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be right without dessert, and what better than pumpkin pie.  The largest pumpkin pie in the world was baked in 2010. It weighed in at a monstrous 3,699 pounds and had a diameter of 20 feet.  That’s one big pie, so if you wanted seconds, no problem.  Now where were all of these pumpkins produced?  Four states are the largest producers: they are Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and . . . Yes, the answer is California.  So if anyone wants a magical, golden carriage, this is the place to be, but remember that carriage turns back into a pumpkin at midnight!

Now is the time when an article like this should shift tone, telling you plump turkeys and warm pumpkin pies don’t really matter.  How it’s all about family, how that’s what matters.  How we should be most thankful for our children because they are our real treasures.

And all of it is true.  My children are the most precious to me (no Gollum jokes please).  However, I am also grateful to serve as Headmaster of this amazing school, with such amazing kids, parents and staff.  Therefore, I sincerely thank you.

Now as for Black Friday, I can’t stand when . . .


Sean Kelley


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