It started with a nacho. Actually, it didn’t start with a snack food from northern Mexico. It actually began with a small Chihuahua named Nacho, a dog that started Gabby Trinh-Williams love affair with animals. “I had him when I was three,” Gabby explains. “Now I have a Pomeranian mix named Bear. I think I want to be a veterinarian.”

Gabby, however, won’t commit fully to a career caring for dogs and cats. Having been at Eldorado since 5th grade, and now in her in sixth year, Gabby has so many talents that there are lots of possibilities. She plays the violin beautifully and excels on the volleyball team. She’s co-president of the Makers-Ed Club and is currently spearheading a 3-D printer project to produce the Multi-Pen. This is a Swiss Army style pen that also includes a pencil and highlighter, an all-in-one dream tool for the conscientious student.

In addition to being a creative force, Gabby is a also a member of ASB, our student government. As a sophomore leader, she is working hard in preparation for “A Night at Eldorado,” a chance for students to bond during evening activities at school. To be successful, Gabby says she leads by encouragement, just like her Eldorado teachers who make sure students gain confidence and feel free to voice their opinions.

Gabby explains: “I am more outgoing and confident because of Eldorado. Before I came here, I didn’t say anything in class. There were so many students, they would just talk over you. But not here. Small class sizes make a more comfortable environment that encourages class participation.”
One teacher—Mr. Eldridge—has greatly influenced Gabby and made her consider another possible career path, writer. J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan are two of Gabby’s favorite authors; therefore, it’s no surprise that one day she might like to write young adult fiction. “Mr. Eldridge suggested I become a writer, so it is something that I will think about.”

Whether she is delivering puppies or writing the next Percy Jackson series, Gabby will go onto great things, for she is conscientious, focused and determined. Gabby has already conquered a half marathon, for example, and has plans to run a full one in the future. It’s not a question of whether she’ll finish the race, just a question of how much ahead of the competition she’ll be.

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