“Mayor,” Quanrico says. “At least.”

This tall high school senior is answering my question—when pressed—about what his future might hold. Just getting Quanrico to talk about his ambitions and accomplishments requires prodding. But when he does speak, he comes across as a humble young man whose aspirations are at once noble and genuine.

“There are so many thoughts to be had,” Quanrico says. “Still so much room for people to contribute. I want to be part of a solution.”

Determined to make his community better, Quanrico has worked to provide small assistance to individuals and major contributions, such as houses, for families who otherwise couldn’t afford them. This creative co-editor of the school yearbook plans to have a family, himself, one day. But that is far in the distance, and there are so many challenges to tackle first.

Although only 18, Quanrico has completed 10 university classes and is currently finishing more. “My favorite class was conceptional physics, but my most beneficial was women’s studies. It really opened my eyes to a different perspective.” No matter the class, Quanrico is quite committed to academic excellence, as evidenced by his straight A’s and position on the Dean’s List at Irvine Community College.

Quanrico is not only hard-working but also reflective, with a particular thirst for political discussion. This passion has led him to prep for a possible career in government, one way in particular by participating in Model United Nations. This rigorous academic competition teaches students about diplomacy and international relations; and to win an award in this forum is to truly separate yourself from the other excellent competitors. Working with Irvine Community College (one of the top Model UN programs in the country), Quanrico was recognized for outstanding work, specifically his positional paper on the “promotion of fundamental freedoms through the elimination of racism and racial discrimination.”.

In closing, Quanrico said he believes a leader should be “logical while considering all angles and all factors.” Quanrico possesses such a mind. So, who knows. Is mayor, as he mentioned before, in store for this young man? Possibly. However, much higher political ambitions may be in his sites.

Perhaps state representative. Senator. Governor. Or even . . . dare I say . . . Mr. President?

Who knows?

The presidency is hard to predict.


Sean Kelley




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