Moving from Memorization to Mastery

Singapore Math

Eldorado Emerson Private School offers Singapore Math for grade 6 as part of its STEAM curriculum. This program emphasizes mastery of concepts through dynamic problem solving and communication. One of the defining features of Singapore math is its focus on depth of knowledge rather than memorization and drill work.

Singapore Math is anchored by a five-pronged approach using a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract learning method in which lessons are taught through scaffolding. This method also enables teachers to convey math concepts progressively from introduction to understanding, and to fluency.

Singapore Science

Singapore Science, also for grade 6, encourages the spirit of inquiry and cultivates the process of discovery. The method engages students and drives them towards independent exploration. Science students learn best from analysis-based lessons. Why? They gain confidence in carrying out scientific investigations through guided examination; and our teachers are equipped with materials that enhance their roles as facilitators.

Ultimately, the Singapore Program, with so many positives, so many beneficial factors, provides an education that maximizes student knowledge through science as inquiry.