Sean Kelley


Sean Kelley was born in Virginia and educated at James Madison University. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology and English, he went on to earn his Masters of Science in Professional Writing from Towson University. Additionally, he completed another 48 hours of graduated work. He taught creative writing and composition at Colorado State University before coming to Eldorado Emerson where he has worked with every level of student, from preschool through high school seniors before being named headmaster.
At one time, Mr. Kelley fancied himself an “Indiana Jones” type; however, while living at James Madison’s mansion, Montpelier, working for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, he learned archaeology was not traveling to exotic locales and uncovering gold idols while dodging blow darts. Instead, archaeology was long hours of tedious work, so he returned to the classroom where he taught English for two decades.
Now, as part of the administration as Headmaster of Eldorado Emerson Private School, his philosophy of leadership comes from working for many years beside founder Dr. Glory Ludwick. Mr. Kelley has always believed he worked with Dr. Ludwick, not for Dr. Ludwick. As leader of Eldorado Emerson he upholds this tradition of teamwork, spreading the principle of cooperation throughout, as students, parents and staff work together, communicating and supporting each other as the school nurtures the children it has been entrusted to educated.”

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