The Parent’s Assistance League at Eldorado Emerson

PALs is a group of dedicated parents who care about our school and are energized to support its staff, faculty, and students. Through PALs, Eldorado Emerson parents pool their collective talents, passions, and resources to form an organization dedicated to improving the quality of Eldorado Emerson Private School, and the community as a whole. PALs is responsible for fundraising (no sales involved!), staff appreciation, teacher wish lists, beautifying the Monet garden, family-friendly campus-wide events, and more.

PALs meetings are held twice monthly, with one morning and one evening meeting. Meetings are held on campus. At the morning meetings, coffee and donuts are provided. Evening meetings are either a potluck or pizza is ordered. Children of all ages are welcome, as childcare is provided. The meetings are a great opportunity for families to get to know one another and work toward building our strong and supportive community.