A well-rounded educational experience in a supportive environment.

Middle School is a transitional period in every student’s life. Adjusting to every change and expectation can be a never ending challenge. Eldorado Emerson Private School provides a rigorous, relevant, and coherent curriculum that is accessible to all students. Core classes follow the State of California Curriculum Standards but go many steps further in providing a well-rounded educational experience during this important growing period.

On a typical day, students can be seen studying together in their classrooms and visiting in small groups at lunch. “The middle schoolers enjoy being able to converse in Mandarin.” It is an international business language we offer. Physical Education offers students instruction and promotes fitness as a healthy lifelong activity. Students are encouraged to participate on one of our competitive sports teams. Eldorado Emerson’s implementation of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) based curriculum exposes students to the benefits of technology AND the arts. Students gain opportunities for leadership, to reinforce their language skills by writing and editing the school newspaper, and to round out their education with interesting electives such as 3-D Printing, Photoshop, and Robotics. Students can confer with teachers daily because of the low student-teacher ratio.

Parents are encouraged and welcome to connect with the teachers at any time by email or conference. All students at Eldorado Emerson Private School have a chance to learn that each and every one of them is unique and different with special abilities and talents. We embrace these differences and find students are most excited when they can discover their own path.