Krista Berenyi

Chair of STEM

Growing up under socialism in Soviet-occupied Hungary, Krista Berenyi remembers drab classrooms and statues of Lenin. The students were expected to learn the Russian language and eventually German in addition to the regular school curriculum.

Arriving in the United States at age 20, Ms. Berenyi did not start learning English until she was an adult, attending night classes as she furiously studied to master the language. Eventually, she earned the accolade of Fullerton College Woman of the Year. Besides Fullerton College, she attended Cal Poly Pomona and has earned an Associate of Science degree in Engineering, with honors, an Associate of Arts degree in Physics, with honors, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, with honors and is currently working on her Master’s in Aeronautical Science, Space Studies. In addition, she received more than 20 scholarships from various organizations, including the Society of Women Engineers, the Experimental Aircraft Association, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at Caltech as well as Jet Propulsion Laboratory Undergraduate Scholars.

She joined the staff of Eldorado Emerson nine years ago and loves working with students of all age levels in a variety of subjects. She passes her passion for mathematics on to her students. Of course, she still misses her mother’s Hungarian goulash, but has found a suitable substitute in double-doubles with grilled onions and extra spread!