A Welcoming and Supportive High School for International Students



Middle and High School International Students Thrive at Eldorado Emerson

Students at Eldorado Emerson Private School are happy, compassionate young individuals who thrive in a creative, collaborative, academically rich environment.

International students from China, Korea, Vietnam and beyond find a welcoming and supportive learning environment that helps them acclimate and refine the skills they need to be successful students in Southern California and the United States. International middle and high school students benefit from small class sizes and a mentoring style of teaching. Open communication fosters a love of learning and creates a bullying-free atmosphere. Faculty, staff, students and host families help create a community that embraces and fosters the unique talents of each and every student.

Support for International Students

Eldorado Emerson offers an immersion program for international middle and high school students, providing the English learning support, particularly in writing, grammar and history. A variety of math, science, and arts classes are also available.

Developing Creative Problem Solvers through STEAM

With a focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), we work to develop young minds that can think critically and independently, and have the ability to solve complex problems. Courses such as robotics, 3D printing, Mandarin, poetry, and painting shape our students into innovative thinkers who, one day, will be at home in a writing workshop or a particle accelerator laboratory.