Extended Day at Eldorado Emerson

Your child’s day does not end at 3:00 p.m. and neither does the educational experience at Eldorado Emerson! Our Extended Day program is designed to support working parents and families who need their children to stay at school after 3:00 pm.

Extended Day offers a unique, intellectually stimulating enrichment program that helps students build confidence, independence, leadership skills, enrich academics and practice responsibility. After School hours should be a new opportunity for learning-through-play in our beautiful, 5-acre natural setting. The enrichment program runs daily in the early morning before school, and from 3-6 pm after school. Our highly qualified teachers create special enrichment camps when school is otherwise on vacation.

Students can participate in a number of activities, depending on their interests: Science Exploration, Logical Reasoning, Culinary Arts, Edible Gardening, Arts and Crafts, Foreign Language (Italian and Spanish), Literature, and Creative Writing/Emergent Literacy.

Sign up forms and fees may be found in the front Office.