Expanded learning through collaboration

Clubs after school clubs at Eldorado Emerson offer ways for students to have deeper learning experiences through collaboration in a variety of areas, such as student government, community service, foreign languages, robotics, and more.

ASB (Associated Student Body)

ASB assists Eldorado Emerson student and school community by serving as the student governing board at our school. We organize all High School events and are also in charge of encouraging school spirit. We host spirit weeks, themed events, Prom, and community service both inside and outside of the school. Our mission is to make our school environment a happy and productive place filled with camaraderie, activities, and student unity.

International Club

Through the International Club, high school students enjoy discussing recipes and different foods from around the world, while working to raise money for different causes. Students collect items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, band-aids, underwear, Neosporin, cortisone cream, cotton swabs, Listerine, deodorant, razors, nail clippers, baby wipes, thick socks, batteries, feminine hygiene products, and anti-diarrhea tablets to donate them to a worthy cause.

Community Service Club

The Community Service Club supports events at Eldorado Emerson including Chinese New Year, Talent Show, Open House, and Back to School Night. It also provides weekly services such as cleaning up the library and microwaves. The club also facilitates recycling paper, plastic, cans, and bottles at school. In addition to cleaning, they also aid teachers in decorating their elementary classrooms during after school hours. They also help out the office and assist with gardening in any way possible

Mandarin Club

The Mandarin Club’s mission is to teach Mandarin in an engaging and authentic way. Both the Mandarin students and English speaking students are learning a new language. The English speaking students have an opportunity to interact with the high schoolers to learn the type of Mandarin that is authentic and used in real life rather than from a course textbook. Most of all, they can teach English to the Mandarin speaking students. The Mandarin-speaking students are immersed in a fully English spoken classroom in which they are challenged to teach their first language while using their second language. Both groups of students rely on each other as each are learning a new language.

Anime Club

The Anime Club’s mission is to expand club members’ communication skills, understanding of storytelling techniques, and knowledge of Japanese culture and language. Students gather in the Japanese instructor Mrs. Byron’s classroom and watch a variety of anime. Afterwards, students bond while discussing of various opinions and making comparisons with their own cultures.

Maker Ed Club/Robotics Club

The Maker Ed club is a club that encourages exploration and research through a “learn by doing” approach. At the beginning of each year, we ask each club member what they want to build, and we don’t say no. Even if the project is as outlandish as building a robot that carries your books for you (which a student has worked on in the 2015-16 school year), we, as educators, guide student research and give them the tools to accomplish their dreams. The maker ed club is all about turning your dreams into reality through science and critical thinking skills.