Building Leadership, Teamwork and Sportsmanship

The Eldorado Emerson Athletic Program offers several sports teams including soccer, basketball, and volleyball; all are members of the CIF league. Our teams are trained and directed by caring coaches who push our athletes to find the best within themselves in preparation to take the athletic field.  While we encourage our students to strive for passionate competition, we also believe that sports should offer more than just intense rivalry. As such, our coaches not only ensure that our players improve their skills in their respective sports, but also that they emphasize the importance of work ethic, unity, compassion, and leadership. These traits cannot be taught in a single moment or in a single speech. Instead, they must be learned from someone who has made these qualities a part of her life. Therefore, our coaches educate not only through language but also by modeling such attributes while coaching each day. At Eldorado Emerson, our Athletic Program continues to produce strong athletes who are both mentally and physically fit.