Where Students Discover a Love of Learning

For over half a century, Eldorado Emerson Private School in Southern California has enjoyed a rich history of achievement, with many of our students attaining academic and career excellence upon graduation.

Our students, from pre-school through high school, are happy, compassionate young individuals who thrive in a creative, collaborative, academically rich environment. Students and their families join faculty and staff in creating a community that embraces and fosters the unique talents of each and every student.

At Eldorado Emerson, classroom learning is absolutely vital, but we also value talented, happy students; those who grin when they keep 4/4 time on the drums or smile while taking a corner kick in soccer, those whose eyes widen while glazing a mug or beam when leading an international cooking booth.

Academics are significant at our school, but our students spend a large amount of time on creativity, self-expression, and discovery. This is because we believe in developing young minds that can think critically and independently, and have the ability to solve complex problems.

Our focus at Eldorado Emerson has always been to give our students the finest education possible to compete in the world today.

For a true education to reach its fullest potential, there must be cooperation between all of us in the Eldorado Emerson community, as cooperation and collaboration between student, staff, and parent are the cornerstones of our philosophy created so many decades ago. Ultimately, this is an exhilarating time for Eldorado Emerson Private School, and we welcome you to join our family.

I invite you to visit our campus and to see how our community fosters a love of learning through creativity and collaboration, and develops graduates who are prepared to thrive in today’s world.

Sean Kelley