Building the Foundation for a Love of Learning

Walking into the preschool at Eldorado Emerson, you find a room filled with bright, colorful artwork. “Children are singing and dancing, learning rhythm or movement” from one of our music teachers. “They might be playing cooperatively, practicing a new language, or exploring self-directed activity centers.”

Outside, children can be seen driving their tricycles around the track or parking in the “lot” near the garden. Children can be seen running up the hill and visiting in the gazebo. Next to the sandbox, there is an edible garden where the children can learn about their environment.

All of the preschool activities promote the development of cognitive, social, and physical skills. “More importantly, our Eldorado Emerson’s Preschool gets children off to a good start; they come home “loving school.” The foundations started in preschool of independence, exploration, creativity and the enjoyment of learning are the seeds the children can be seen planting.