Instilling a passion and understanding of music at all ages

Imagine your child discovering her voice onstage! Or perhaps his talent for the saxophone? Maybe he’s always wanted to sing a duet or she’s wanted to play the flute? Regardless, the choral and orchestral programs at Eldorado Emerson instill a passion for music in our students, beginning with the youngest preschoolers to the oldest high school seniors. As our students grow, they have the opportunity to sing in our various choirs or learn a range of instruments in our different bands/orchestras. Regardless of her choice, she will learn the fundamentals of music and take her instrumental studies as far as she wishes to venture.

Our music department is unique in that it begins with students as young as 2 ¾ years of age and ends with seniors heading to college, all ages developing an understanding of rhythm and harmony. It’s wonderful watching the kids’ delight as they grow musically; slowly singing “Hey Jude” while clapping their hands or covering “Johnny Be Good” while fingers fly over guitar frets. Either way, an enthusiasm for music will be ignited in every kid who chooses to pursue their passion. Our Eldorado Emerson Music Program provides the foundation for a rewarding hobby or even, perhaps, a successful career.

For 2016/17, Arts and Music Collaborate to Create a Musical

For the 2016-2017 school year, Eldorado Emerson will be showcasing a musical, an opportunity for the school to work together towards a common goal. The art department will construct sets while our music instructors will be supervising and teaching the vocal and instrumental scores. This production will be led by Mr. Art Ortiz, a talented musician with decades of experience and an impressive resume of television and national credits. Teaming with him will be Mr. Dan Whipple, our orchestral director, who is proficient on a wide variety of instruments. Mr. Whipple establishes a strong rapport with every student, leading each on a marvelous musical journey.