Learning through Collaboration and Exploration

Imagine a school where students are eager to come to class — where they look forward to learning and would rather stay at school, even when the day is over. Imagine a classroom where children care about and respect each other and where working together comes naturally. This is Eldorado Emerson’s Elementary School’s program. “Walk into any of our classrooms, you will see students enthralled with learning.” Eldorado Emerson students love coming to school because they can actually participate in the learning process and interact with teachers and other students in a safe, positive and protective environment.

As you walk around the Monet garden in the center of campus, the elementary classes are standing on the “Japanese bridge” and enjoying watching the turtles and fish. They might be identifying the various species of plants. Some students might be sitting quietly drawing or painting the natural elements of the garden.
Students can be seen at other times going to music class, carrying their recorder or violin to class. The junior orchestra might be heard practicing their instruments.
The vocal teacher might be teaching students various ways to make the best sounds. As they head to art class, students happily enter the room ready to begin to express their ideas visually. Creativity is key here. Kindergarten to 12th grade students have the opportunity to play on soccer teams and can be seen routing for their other classmates during tournaments.

Our Elementary Curriculum

The elementary curriculum at Eldorado Emerson teaches students to think deeper, communicate more effectively and take an active role In their own learning. We use an inquiry-based approach that engages students in every subject. Eldorado Emerson students develop a solid foundation in the STEAM subjects — Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math. The Singapore Math program is taught from kindergarten to sixth grade. Singapore Math is a curriculum that focuses on problem-solving with pictures and diagrams. Students learn to create their own math problems and then solve them, all the while challenging them. Equal emphasis is placed on other subjects that compliment the STEAM approach, including communications, reading, writing, foreign languages, social studies and PE. The goal of each class is to develop skills and unlock students’ abilities to solve problems. In addition, students learn critical thinking and organizational skills.

We believe that the objective of education is to enable students to learn and then apply what they have learned to the real world. Students may demonstrate this knowledge in one of the following ways — they may give a speech, create a drawing, write a report, and/or participate in classroom discussions.” Our assessment strategies emphasize higher level thinking skills that encourage students to analyze and evaluate everything they learn.

Within this challenging academic environment, Eldorado Emerson emphasizes cooperation, respect, and responsibility. Reinforcing the lessons comes from the opportunity to “practice what we teach!”