Student Spotlight!

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It started with a nacho. Actually, it didn’t start with a snack food from northern Mexico. It actually began with a small Chihuahua named Nacho, a dog that started Gabby Trinh-Williams love affair with animals. “I had him when I was three,” Gabby explains. “Now I have a Pomeranian mix named Bear. I think I want to be a veterinarian.”

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Announcing Our New Montessori Preschool Program!

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Dear Parents,

An outstanding early education can set your child on a proper path toward higher self-esteem and confident learning. That is why we are excited to announce the opening of our new Montessori Preschool in June. In this nurturing environment, the whole child is developed at his or her own pace, comfortable in an atmosphere where everything is scaled down to size. The tables and bookshelves, for example, are designed to fit our youngest scholars, and the rooms are well-organized, allowing students the comfort of predictability rather than the chaos of an overstimulating, stressful environment.

Children naturally thirst for knowledge, and our educators support and cultivate this innate desire. Our loving teachers create an ideal atmosphere where the youngest students take pride in their environment, as well as in themselves. Here the preschool promotes the emotional, physical and social development of children, as they master skills at their own pace through hands-on learning.

Visit our preschool and take a personal tour to see what sets us apart from others.


Sean Kelley




Student Spotlight!

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“Mayor,” Quanrico says. “At least.”

This tall high school senior is answering my question—when pressed—about what his future might hold. Just getting Quanrico to talk about his ambitions and accomplishments requires prodding. But when he does speak, he comes across as a humble young man whose aspirations are at once noble and genuine.

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

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Thanksgiving.  A celebration of family and football, parties and parades.  And, of course, big meals that fill our bellies to the breaking point, feasts of turkey and cranberry and stuffing and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie and so many more delectable treats.  But, alas, it’s over.  However, all of the magical, mouthwatering menus got me thinking about all the fine fare, so I did a bit of research.
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Student Spotlight!

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       “Me?” SaraJo beams when she learns she’ll be featured on our website as an outstanding student.  “Cool!”

SaraJo is from Nangtong in the eastern part of China.  She wears glasses and a Nike sweatshirt, casual and relaxed—far from her hectic schedule.  With AP Calculus, AP US History and AP Economics, this junior has a heavy academic load.  Add playing for our school’s volleyball team as well as our advanced orchestra, and it’s a demanding schedule.  But this doesn’t stop her from giving back to the school and local communities.

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Arts Integration into STEM creates STEAM

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The Eldorado Emerson art program holds special significance for many in our community. This week I have decided to update all on the happenings in our extraordinary studio. Truly our youngest to our oldest are positively impacted by what they learn in this room; for many the lessons actually help them grow—not only artistically—but as people as well.

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